This blog was a first start last year to share more of my experiences and knowledge. Even I got regular readers, a blog is something out of time. People nowadays use mainly social media. I don’t like social media at all but I need to accept the facts.

I enjoy teaching people. But to reach people you need to play nowadays game. Because there are millions of text collecting sites it is very hard to get reasonable search engine rankings. Besides that even when people find you over search engines they do normally not come back to look if you have something new. People are nowadays too distracted already by their apps and social media notifications to have a dedicated look at some blog.

I like to dive in deep into theoretical knowledge, to learn for myself, but I am not so eager to sit in front of a computer and share my knowledge in a perfect, complete and detailed form. I also noticed that people normally do not want all the details and explanations nowadays. The main message got more important.

During this years trapping season I started to use social media, for the first time in my life. I noticed that this is not really harmonizing with publishing some things on my blog and some things on my Instagram account or YouTube channel. You find the links on the grey bar on top of this page.



Writing one long blog post requires much more motivation instead of writing several smaller posts on Instagram. For example my post about survival foods is a good example. I didn’t had the patience to make it perfect and mention every possible food, in fact it is far away from that. I am somehow unhappy with the post because it is lacking a lot of other foods, even if the post is one of the most popular ones. But I am sure I would never find the time to write a really big post about all possible survival foods in the northern forests. If I would just make smaller posts over one food at a time I would not run into this dilemma. Besides that, by making a decent video about this topic, or single foods, I would reach for sure over a hundred or thousand times more people then with a blog post. So in the end it is not really worth to put the effort into a blog post.

On this blog I published every week on Wednesday a post, and sometimes in between. But with the use of social media it got a little bit obsolete.

video series about trapping

I will make a small video series about trapping 2024 on Youtube. But the trapping stories on my blog are then double work and not really useful any more. That’s why I will not continue the trapping stories series on the blog any more and just publish what I already prepared.

so what is the point?

I will continue this blog. But I will publish here only bigger posts without a regular interval and which are more scientific like topics where text has an advantage over other media, for example bullet ballistics or topics with a lot of data. Everything else I will publish on social media.