This year the weather got colder end of September – beginning of October. Some nights had frosts with under -10°C. This is good as the ground and some of the water froze already before the snow comes. But tonight the first serious snowfall came and it looks like it will be not melting a lot anymore. The forecasts predicts that Saturday/Sunday about 5-20cm more will come.

I really like the time when we have frost but no snow. But on the other hand it is very good when it snows that the snow comes fast. It is annoying when we have 10-30cm for a longer time as it is very hard to walk in that but it is too less for skis in the forest. The stones and vegetation on the ground damage the skis a lot if there is not enough snow. Two years ago the snow came rapidly but the ground was very wet. Last year the snow came very slow so the conditions were pretty bad. It took until mid of December for a serious amount.