We will go out into the complete remote and untouched wilderness for 6 days (5 nights) with very limited supplies and gear. We set up camps and eat what we hunt and gather. This course teaches the basics of living in nature, hunting and gathering. It is more focused on the experience and practical doing then on theoretical teaching. Also working as a team is a very important part of the expedition. It is physical demanding to travel in nature, hunt and care for the camp work. I try to adapt the course on the fitness of the participants. Hunting dogs which are educated are welcome. For all participants up to now this expedition is a unique life changing experience.

You receive detailed instructions before the trip and a detailed equipment list. Besides that I support and instruct you how to obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

Good physical condition, hunting license and health is mandatory.

minimum participants3
maximum participants6
possible times20.08-10.10
duration6 days

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