This course is embedded in my regular trapping activities in winter. You learn how to trap willow grouse, ptarmigan, pine marten, mink and red fox. Trapping is done by forest/backcountry skis. Depending on the time of the year hunting moose and other animals is also part of the course. Besides the trapping you learn how to live and survive in winter and necessary skills. We live together in small heated tents, snow shelters and igloos.

Depending on the duration this course includes aspects of all other courses and general wilderness and nature knowledge. It is important to understand ecosystems as a hole to understand nature and to make the right decisions. This is the ultimate course for people who really want to get deep knowledge about living in nature.

During the course a knowledge journal will be created. In the evenings there is time to repeat things and ask further questions.

Please note

Good physical fitness and health is necessary.

Life in wilderness in winter is tough! You need to be willing to get to your limits. There is no fast way out. The workload is high and the conditions can be challenging. The temperature can drop below -40°C.

Optional you can get a 2 day introduction to arctic winter conditions before it goes out in the field. This can be done in in April before you visit the next winter or in November when the workload of the trapping is not so high.

minimum participants1
maximum participants3
possible timesaround November – 31.03
durationminimum 5 days

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