I train dog owners to learn, understand, communicate and train their dogs. Dog training is understanding and listening to the individual dog.

It is easy to train a dog, that she or he listens in 99% of the cases. The last one percent is the important one, when the situation is a mess and strong instincts of the dog lead to fatal behavior. I focus on a strong partnership with dogs and the right treatment leading to absolute trust.

I worked with dogs in professional hunting, shepherding, husky farms and search and rescue. Through all these different demands, where the lives of other animals depends on the dogs, I gathered a lot of experience and understanding of the Canis lupus/familiaris (K9).

An important part of my training is to understand the nature of dogs in general and the individual. During training it is important to stay as close to the nature of the animal and it’s capabilities. Every training based on human ideology or thinking will fail.

A course over several days can be booked as well as single hours with a introduction course of minimum two hours. Occasionally I offer group courses over several days. Besides basics I give specialized courses for police and military, hunting, search and rescue and animal herding. Please contact me for more information.

K9 means “Canine” and stands for working dogs.

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