You plan an outdoor event or have a film project you want to take place in northern Lappland? I have excellent project organization and planning skills. As I am living year around deep in the wilderness without the possibility of resupply I need to plan perfect without major flaws. I have a lot of experience in organizing larger events with very tight time schedules, very difficult logistics and where everything needs to run smooth. I take care of details and the big picture. I have over 15 years of experience in operating my own company and over 10 years experience in guiding and leading people. Besides that my knowledge of the local conditions and nature and my very valuable contacts to other locals including Sami, reindeer herders and the association and local authorities will help to make your film or event a success. I know several bigger land owners to realize more demanding sets. My connections allow me to employ a large and very professional temporary workforce and provide all kinds of snowmobiles, ATVs and boats. This enables me to go far beyond any ordinary activity provider.

If there is a solution for a problem I find it!

I offer my services for small scale events as well as very big ones.

I can help you with

  • complete organization, planning and operating of outdoor events/film projects, from airport to airport
  • provide workforce and the complete on-site crew
  • consulting regarding planning and operating nature events, laws and regulations
  • logistics, permits, location management, scouting etc.
  • support and consulting regarding necessary camera and other equipment and the special conditions in the arctic climate zone
  • “Fixer”-tasks
  • cameramen and drone flyers with experience to work in the arctic conditions and in remote locations

What you can expect from you

  • professionalism
  • excellent organization
  • high problem solving capabilities
  • 100% reliability
  • good track and record of agreements
  • high flexibility
  • excellent expertise in the fields of outdoor, biology, wilderness, survival, bushcraft


Nerd in the Dirt

“Nerd in the Dirt” from one of the biggest German outdoor youtubers “Trymacs” was completely organized and operated by me. Even we had too less snow for the time of the year, the whole project went flawlessly. I had just 30 days from booking me to the start of the expedition. Before and during the expedition a lot of things changed and I was able to fulfill all the needs in a very short time. Besides organizing I safely lead the expedition of 5 people with no arctic experience or outdoor experience at all.

Thank you to Trymacs and the other participants for this great expedition!

Nerd in the Dirt – Episode 1 (German) – overall 5.500.000 views

Arctic Warrior by OttoBulletproof

I was planning and organizing the “Arctic Warrior” for “OttoBulletproof”. This included organizing and operating the complete 20 day long event, consulting the film crew and giving an intensive 5 day Wilderness Course to the attendees and leading German military SERE instructors. I would have been a character in front of the camera. Because the original project was altered and did not meet my demands for authenticity, honesty and quality, I withdrew from it.

You can get the original trailer were I play a main character on request.