When you hunt you often do not have the time to use an app or any other help for ballistic corrections. But remembering ballistic tables is not an option. For the middle calibers, like .308win or 6,5 creedmore and others, there is an easy trick if you have a MOA adjustment on your scope.

Because I need to shoot precise my scopes are all zeroed to 100m and not to some “GEE” or some other compromise. When I looked at ballistic tables for my rifle and my ammunition I noticed something significant. Have a look:

Think about the clicks of a MOA Scope instead of the MOA value and you realize, that there is a simple rule to remember the table up to 300m. Up to 200m the rule is very simple and doesn’t change for different middle calibers or cartridges. It is possible to find such a rule for most middle calibers and cartridges.

Let’s take the right table: the rifle is zeroed at 100m, for 110m you do not change anything, at 120m you need one click, at 130m you need another one, and so on, up to 210m. For 220m you need two additional clicks. Then you can continue with one additional click up to 250m. For 260m you need two clicks again and then you can continue with one up to 290m, where you need two again. For the left table, because of the flatter trajectory, the rule is more simple.

What you now need to remember is just the following: From 100m to 210m you add one click for every additional 10m minus 1 click, From 220 to 250 you add one click for every additional 10m and from 260m to 290m you add 1 click for every 10m plus 1:

up to 210mone click/10m – 1 click
up to 250mone click/10m
up to 290mone click/10m + 1click

When you understand the system behind it, it is extremely easy to remember as you always just need to remember the meters with the double clicks. With the 155gr cartridge there are even just two steps up to 300m.

When you would do the calculation with a ballistic application you would normally not be closer because of the fixed 1/4 MOA steps of the scope, also if the range is somewhere in between the 10m steps. If the target is further away you are also more likely to have the time to get some paper out of the backpack or use your application for calculations.