Online map services

retkikartta.fiMaps from Metsähällitus. You can view Metsähällitus infrastructure and also fishing/hunting grounds there. Uses the official topographic maps and air imagery.
excursionmap.fiEnglish retkikartta version
mapant.fiMaps made for orienteering. Cover about 90% of Finland. Very detailed.
kartta.paikkatietoikkuna.fiUses the official topographic maps and air imagery. But you have a lot of functions like creating routes or waypoints and you can save your edits. Besides that you have a huge amount of additional layers like infrared forestry air images.

Offline map services

kartat.kapsi.fiTMS und WMS tile service for programs and apps. They also offer a big amount of offline maps.
kartat.hylly.orgYou can get the official topographic maps in the garmin or vector format for offline use. program for generating maps. Only for advanced users.

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