I was thinking a long time if I should invent this category. It is always easy to be negative and critical. Nothing is perfect. I’m not reviewing gear because I think there is already so much marketing and bought reviews out there. Even the reviews which are not bought are often positive to not harm further co-operations or to strengthen own imaginations and standpoints.

There are a lot of great products out there to be satisfied with.

With this category I want to go another way: Unfortunately there are some, often high priced, products out there which have strong weaknesses you most likely would not expect. If people spend so much money on a product they want to see it positive and a lot of things are forgiven. In this category I want to present products which have fundamental weaknesses you would not expect in the price range. I will not judge only on single faults which can happen with every product. Besides that all products will have been tested intense and long enough. I will normally only point out the negative aspects which are not obvious and important to consider for potential buyers, so the posts about the products are not reviews!

I will contact every manufacturer and publish, if wished, a statement of him.

Why is the category not called warning about product then?

When a manufacturer develops and releases a product which is of poor quality something is wrong with the manufacturer also. A good manufacturer which asks high prices for his products should take care of a minimum quality. So even if I have serious issues with just a single product of the manufacturer it questions also other products.

When does a manufacturer gets an entry here?

Lack of quality for the price

A fictive example: When a rain poncho for 20 € does not have taped seams, the sewing is not the best and a button broke fast it is somehow okay. But when the same happens with a rain poncho for 100 € then the manufacturer clearly does not take enough care. It can be still worth buying that poncho because it perhaps has unique abilities.

Faulty or unpractical design

This category is also not only about defects. Nowadays often product design can be pretty faulty because the manufacturer priories to make things for marketing then to make them to be practical.

Wrong information

Another example for entries in this category is when a manufacturer lies or gives false information about his products, for example a clearly too high battery runtime.


The category is not there to say that a specific product is bad, but that there are several deficits you should take into account before buying it. It can be still worth buying for the purpose.

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