The polar night is over. Today at 9.1 I had the first sun in my face.

I approached a tunturi from the north and I was not expecting to see the sun today as it was cloudy. But when I climbed and turned over the western side it suddenly came through the birches.

Our amazingly powerful center of the solar system was shining today with it’s full power over the arctic circle being completely over the horizon. The surrounding tunturis were ignited in a dark red color and the hole light show, which was better then every human made fireworks could be, lastet over 90 minutes. This was so epic.

You really value what you have when it is away for some time. Feeling nature like that is such an incredible feeling.

The last time I saw the sun around 5 weeks ago because we had a pretty warm and cloudy December. In that time I only saw its ionized particles in the atmosphere as aurora borealis, sometimes for hours.