Baking bread is an easy, fast and cheap way of getting tasty food. Just throw two parts of wheat and one part of rye, yeast, salt and a little bit less than three parts of water together. I like to use a lot of water to stir the doe. This goes much faster and cleaner then dispersing. As I bake a lot of bread this is an important factor for me. When it stands over night in a little bit colder place you can bake it in the morning right away and it gets a crusty, tasty and moist bread. Place it in the oven before you start it and don’t forget to steam it a lot so that the crust is not breaking too much! Heat up the oven slowly and increase the temperature in the end for a brown crust.

You can regulate the moisture of the bread later by longer baking times and/or by how fast you cool it down. The slower you cool it the more moisture it looses.

When you store it cold and in a closed plastic bag it stays easily good for two weeks. It is also possible to freeze it.

If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to let the dough rise, you can use 50% more yeast and place it immediately in the oven when it is still cold. That way also works very good.


  • 750g wheat
  • 750g rye
  • 15g yeast
  • 30g salt
  • 1.400g water